cliperize × hub:raum: Accelerator program day 01

Hey cliperizers,

while writing these lines we already started working at the betahaus in Berlin. But first of all we’ll tell you a little bit about the hub:raum onboarding event yesterday. Finally we got to know all the other teams, their ideas and concepts and even more important: the people behind them. For that we did an interesting presentation type called “lifetime”. Every single one of us had 3 minutes max to introduce himself with all the ups and downs in his life and what shaped his personality. Everyone did a great job and it was exciting to hear about everyone’s background stories.

Besides that we did a guided tour through Berlin Kreuzberg. Now we know where to get the best mexican food in Berlin regarding to Niko Waesche, great turkish tea, coffee and breakfast. And if you have “lost” your iPad in Berlin check out Kottbusser Tor, you might get a chance to find it there.

After that we explored the betahaus with it’s four floors, lots of coworkers, nice betaCafe and very cool tinkering place called OpenDesignCity. If you´re intrested in building stuff, learning how to weld or getting into arduino and makerbot stuff you have to check out this place.

In the evening we had a tasty lunch, nice conversation and a few beers. A perfect thing to call it a day.

And now back to business, today we had second introduction with more details on the hub:raum mentors, the pitching programm and General Assembly. If you haven´t heard about General Assembly before, check them out, it´s not simply about learning something, it´s a movement which could change how we learn and study in the future.

A last few words about cliperize, as you can see below Bojan is working hard on our new designs, Bernd and Manu working on the system architecture thereby we can provide you cliperize as soon as possible. .