cliperize × hub:raum

Hey folks,
today we got big news for you. We´re part of the very first accelerator program at hub:raum Berlin. If you follow us on twitter you might have recognized, that we already announced this a couple weeks ago. Today we´ll give you a look behind the scenes and tell you how we connected with the organizers and managed to get one of the rare places in this program. It all started with Bojan watching the live-stream of this year´s websummit in Dublin. One of the talks was very intersting for us. It was held by Fee Beyer of hub:raum Berlin and was about the upcoming accelerator program, which would take place in November, December and January. Sadly we already missed the deadline to apply with our start-up. Inspired by the talk Bojan wanted to try to be part of the accelerator program. He decide to write a short comment via twitter at Fee. Surpringsly Fee answered and ask us to send a short presentation about cliperize. We knew that would be our chance so we put all the efforts in this presentation. It was even more challenging because neither Bojan nor Florian did a professional presentation before. Not to mention that Bojan was on his way to Tokyo. After the presentation was sent, Fee asked us for a personal interview. We did the interview and the rest is history. We´re very happy to be part of the very first hub:raum accelerator program. Thanks for the chance and all the people who made this possible. See you in Berlin!