Hi there Future-Cliperizers and music lovers

I‘m Bojan and I‘m the founder and CCO of cliperize.com. This is our first blog post and I would like to introduce you to cliperize.com. First of all, what is cliperize.com? Mainly it‘s a bookmarking system to clip and collect tracks and videos from various platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and many more to come. We want you to explore new music, remixes, live performances and maybe total differnet music genres you‘re common with. You can simply do this with our nice little clip-button in your taskbar. Cliperize is also a plattform where you can connect with other people, music addicts and of course friends. Share your music, create playlist and discover new music.

Cliperize is our first project and we put a lot of work, heart and love in it, because music is our main inspiration, driving power and daily companion.

We will release our beta in the near future, so be the first to clip new tracks and try it for free. In the meanwhile we will post more updates, articles and recommendations for you here in our blog. The other guys from the cliperize team will introduce themselfes here, our development team will show you a couple of sneak peaks of code and we will write about artists, songs and music which insprires us and keeps us working.

We‘re really excited what’s up next so stay tuned!