Concept & History

Good morning,
in this post we want to explain what cliperize actually is, how it works and what the benefits are.

Imagine you discover a nice song on SoundCloud, a friend sends you a funny video on YouTube or you see an interesting tutorial on Vimeo. At the current time you watch the clip or listen to it, maybe share it on Facebook or Twitter and if you want to remember it, you might create a bookmark in your browser to have a look at it at a later time. After a couple of weeks your bookmarks will probably look like in the following picture.

All songs and video bookmarks are listed in chronological order but it is hard to find a specific clip because of lack of a search function or because you have to read all the titles.

Our goal is to drastically improve this.
Basically you can bookmark videos and songs into our web application and search for it. In the beginning we are going to support all the mature platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Dailymotion. Once you have a clip or a track inside your profile you can watch or listen to it on cliperize itself. Furthermore you can create custom playlists, so called cliplists, and even combine the supported platforms. For example you could generate a cliplist called “Photoshop Tutorials” which contains videos from Vimeo and YouTube. Once created, you can watch the content in sequence and publish the cliplist. Now another user might discover your cliplist and subscribe to it. Afterwards that user can play that cliplist like it is one of his own. When you, the creator, modifys it or adds another video to it, all subscribers will get these updates as well. In addition it is possible to follow other users with similar taste in music, movie trailers or whatever you can think of. From now on you will receive a notification once the person you’re following adds a new clip or creates a new cliplist. Any published cliplist can be shared, too. This happens via URL which leads to our external player.

But what does it look like?

Just kidding.
This is how it looked a few months ago. With feedback from friends and the fine people at hub:raum accelerator in Berlin this winter we tried a lot of different things, changed, tweaked and improved the interface several times.

And this is how it really looks:

That’s it. We hope you love it as much as we do.
Next time we are going to show you some more details.

Until then,